Have to give props to Nicholas C. Zakas for laying down some truth in his excellent post Being right doesn’t matter > At the end of the day, there is very little value to being right… What actually matters are the relationships you have. You can only go as far as the people who want to communicate with you.

Nicholas really hits the nail on the head by rightly calling out Software Engineers and their desire to always be right (I would extend that to programmers of all types and persuasions). I would like to take a shot and humbly suggest perhaps the labyrinth of code we push around to build entirely new experiences adheres to a binary logic - true/false yes/no 1/0 that can be confused with the real world, which is more nuanced with grey areas and unknowns that are resistant to debugging. Those were my initial thoughts but I would strongly encourage reading Nicholas’s post it really is fantastic!

Photo credit: Nerd by Berge Gazen, on Flickr